• Easily creates text to speech voice-overs
  • Standard version comes with 30 voices
  • You can sell your voice-overs but only with the Pro upgrade
  • Very reputable vendor with several long term supported software
  • Software is completely cloud base. Nothing to download
  • Additional languages and voices available with Pro upgrade


  • Limited to 700 words – Pro upgrade has 2800 word limit
  • Pro has a recurring payment every 90 days
  • No YouTube video seo training. I’ll provide video seo training as a bonus.

Speechelo Review

What is Speechelo? It is a text to speech cloud based software that comes with 30 voices and cost $47. Easily create text to speech voice-overs with one of the best artificial intelligence text to speech engines period.

Welcome to my Speechelo Review. The best part about this text to speech software is the easy to use cloud base interface which grades school tutorials. The creators of Speechelo are Vlad and Stoica from Blaster Suite tools. Some of the tools they’ve created are Video Blaster Pro, Video Spin Blaster, and Live Event Blaster 1 and 2 just to name a few.

What’s most impressive about this duo is their intuitiveness when it comes to video-related software development. This is no different. These guys get millions of views while staying in YouTube good graces. Please read my Speechelo Review to the end for some ideas to implement today.

What Makes Speechelo So Special?

speechelo review
Speechelo Review

Unlike any other text to speech software or text to speech engine, Speechelo uses real human-like sounding voices. It’s extremely easy to use and everything is web-based, so no need to download anything. The front end version has a one-time payment of $47 during launch week. Which makes it one of the lowest costing AI engines period.

You have several options for different languages to choose from. Unfortunately, you will have to upgrade to the pro version which costs $47 quarterly or every 3 months. Speechelo Pro is definitely worth the upgrade. You can easily cancel the pro membership if you’re not satisfied with the pro version.

Speechelo Review and Demo Voice Samples

The only limitation with this tool would be your imagination. If you plan to sell your voice-overs or videos, then you’ll need to upgrade to the pro version for the commercial license. If not, then just the regular version would be a great place to start.

Speechelo Oto’s  and Complete Sales Funnel

Front End – $47
Pro Upgrade – $47 every 3 months
Lingo Blaster Upgrade – $37
Tube Upgrade – $37

Front end version comes with 30 human-sounding voices and works with any video creation. The front-end version includes male and female voices in 24 other languages. And what’s so amazing about this tts engine is the fact that it adds voice inflections and doesn’t sound robotic. Normal tone, joyful tone, or a serious tone. No other text to speech engine has this capability.

Speechelo Front-End
Speechelo Review

Pro Upgrade comes with 60 voices vs 30 voices with the standard version. 40 Background Music Tracks, Commercial License to sell and do voice-overs for clients and customers. Pro version gives you access to the Bonus Ebook – Voiceover Cash Machine which shows you how to dominate Fiverr and like marketplaces to sell your voice-overs the easy way.

Speechelo Pro
Speechelo Pro

Lingo Blaster Upgrade – Lingo Blaster is a well-kept SEO secret. Only 25% of all searches are done in English, imagine if you had the capability to target the other 75% of people searching for solutions to their problems. Mind-blowing!

Lingo Blaster Upgrade
Lingo Blaster Upgrade

Tube Upgrade – The Tube Upgrade which is by far the most powerful add-on period. This is so powerful! You grab any YouTube video link and grab the voice-over from it and redo the voice-over using this text to speech software and create a brand new voice-over that sounds completely original.

Speechelo Tube Upgrade
Tube Upgrade

Speechelo Review and Final Thoughts and Why Pro is Necessary

I haven’t seen anything like this in a very long time. Cutting edge and capabilities are endless. You can’t sell or make this a business unless you have the Commercial License unless you upgrade to Pro. Here are the language and voice differences.

Pro Version Languages
Pro Version Languages

Speechelo Bonuses

When you buy through my link, I’ll provide some additional bonuses not provided by the Blaster Suite team. Over $2k in custom bonuses to help you with this new business venture.

Thank you for checking out my Speechelo Review. Buy Here

To claim my bonuses just buy through my link and I’ll get them over to you in a couple of weeks as long as you don’t try to claim the bonuses with bad intentions. Look at the bottom of the checkout page for affiliate id [mrpelage] If that’s not there, then clear all your cookies and revisit this site and click the buy here link above.

You read my review, now what? You can head over to Clickbank and purchase through my link to qualify for my bonuses. As an affiliate, I only make commissions if you buy through my link. In exchange, I’ll provide my exclusive bonuses that you can only get from buying through this page. Thank you in advance.

Bonus Ideas of How to Use Text To Speech To Make Money

I wanted to do something a little special, not just for the people that bought through my link, but anyone that read my Speechelo review all the way to the end.

Here are a few ideas on how to use Speechelo text to speech software to make money.

  • Visit YouTube and search for local businesses in your area with extremely old videos. Visit Fiverr or a freelancer type site, and hire someone to create an explainer video with your voice-over. This will cost you about $25 for a decent explainer video and syncing your voice-over to it. Then you can sell that to your new client for $250 to $500 easily.
  • One of my favorite videos to make is how-to videos. Find outdated and old videos and use them as a guide to create a brand new video on a how-to topic. Then upload your video and time stamp it with important video points.
  • You can also use Speechelo for affiliate marketing. Find a course that teaches people how to do something like lose weight or make money online. Then as an affiliate marketer, buy that course and re-record the videos in a few different languages using Lingo Blaster and “Speechelo”. This will be a little hard as most course creators don’t use YouTube videos for membership sites. So using the Tube upgrade would be out the question. A simple solution would be to contact the vendor and explain to them what you want to do. Of course, they’ll provide the video source files to help you help them. Then you just provide these videos as a bonus to the customers that purchased the product to get it in their language. It’ll take work, but I use to do this without this software.
  • Last but certainly not least. Recipes! Visit any major recipe site, copy a recipe, and make a simple video with the voice-over walking the cook through each step as they add a new ingredient. I personally would make this an explainer video and have it synced with my voice-over. But honestly, even a simple text on-screen video would do great. Remember earlier I said that YouTube and Google use the words you speak in your video to rank it and determine what’s relevant. I’ve been the only one to do something like this. Seriously. And I’m sharing it with you, for free.

Thank you for reading my entire Speechelo Review, It means the world to me. The possibilities are truly endless. But in order to do any of those, you’ll have to buy Speechelo HERE.